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Use Timegiver whenever you cross timezones

Domestic. International. Cross-country or across oceans. Timegiver is for any trip. Even on small shifts of 1-2 time zones, jet lag rears its ugly head. Timegiver is designed to flex to any time zone shift, leaving you ready to make the most of your trip.

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Integrates into your existing calendar

Timegiver does not force you to use an app. The jet lag mitigation plan integrates into your existing calendars, allowing you to manage your time zone transition in the tools you already know and love.

Free to use, no account required

You won't find subscriptions or pay-per-plan here. Timegiver is free to use, always. And we don't collect your information to sell to the highest bidder. Free and simple, the way travel should be.

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Once you have travelled and seen the benefit of Timegiver, consider supporting it. Contributions as small as $1 keep Timegiver free and open for everyone.

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