A brief history

Timegiver was originally released in 2016 as an app for iOS and Android. Over time, those platforms evolved and required near-constant maintenance updates to keep the app listed in the stores. With the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic and the halt in worldwide travel, the decision was made to remove the app from circulation.

Now that travel has resumed, Timegiver has been resurrected as a web application. As a web application, Timegiver provides a better experience for its users. The plans are now provided as iCalendar files (.ics), which can be imported by most calendar applications. This means your plan is available across all of your devices in a format you are already familiar with. You can now see the steps of the plan side-by-side with your other events. You can even adjust the timing of your plan to better integrate with your travel plans.


Timegiver does not track your activity while you use the website. There are no tracking pixels, advertisements, or web analytics. Your information is not retained and sold.

When you submit a plan, the details of your plan (daily routine, arrival time, and timezone offsets) are saved into a database. No e-mail addresses or personal information are saved.

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